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The Hunger Games = Anti-Feminist Cautionary Tale

The Hunger Games describes a future Dystopia where children are brutally slaughtered in games that serve the amusement of adults.


On a National level, children’s lives mean very little. Only at a “provincial” and “backwards” local level do people want to preserve their children against The Government Beast. Such an attitude is officially declared “rebellious”.

In this  future Dystopia:

**The spokesman for the Government Beast is a woman.

**The elite men are very feminized and portrayed as “decadent” (The TV show host wears his long hair in a bun, like a woman).

**Everywhere, men are the violent instruments of this Feminized society. 

** But everywhere, both men and women are slaughtered equally.


The cruel, life-demeaning character of this society carries a woman’s face. It’s main protagonist is also a woman. Her main ally is a man, although the government has forced him into the role of her enemy.  The love story between them is symbolic of women rejecting the official Feminarchy-run-amok and reuniting with men as partners.

Her use of a bow-and-arrow represents her redemption of “traditional society” against the brutal Technocracy that has engulfed her life with cool, systematic death. She actually has more freedom as a woman in her “traditional society” as opposed to the society that promotes “May the odds be forever in your favor” (the mantra of the free-market and modern career-feminism).

These “hunger games” are only one step beyond the abortion of a fetus. They promote the values of a society that clinically abolishes rights by declaration: “nothing more than a worthless blob of cells”. By extension, children are now disposable “blobs of cells”.

This is our future under Feminism-run-wild. We will see the government continue to devalue the lives of young people with its Abortion Ethos. The systematic killing of unborn lives in our modern society sets the stage for a future society which reduces all human life into entertainment value, and nothing more. 

This is the subtle message I saw in The Hunger Games. I think the reason that The Hunger Games was so popular with young women was because they sense that something is very wrong with the direction of modern society.

The Hunger Games takes our modern society… and cranks it up a notch. 


P.S. The movie and the book are two totally separate works. I am reviewing the movie here as its own text.

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