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People are perfectly happy to see a woman as sex objects but the actual biology of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable!

I’m sorry, but I don’t also want to see a piece of toilet paper hanging out of someone’s bottom. There’s a reason why the body expels certain things. They are not meant to be glorious and beautiful. It’s the same normal disgust we feel at the expulsion of urine and feces. Those things are not playthings meant to be played with. They contain toxins.

Why am I against feminism?

Because contrary to the “dictionary definition” recited by a bunch of idiots, “feminism” is focused on two negative points:

  1. Women are weak damsels in distress.
  2. Men are evil predators.

No positive direction. No positive solutions. Just a bunch of whiny brats looking for attention by competing to see who can tell the biggest “weak woman” story.

And so, feminism like this is poison. Poison for women. It encourages women to be eternal victims. The glass is half empty. And if you say it is half full, they will attack you as if you just smashed their sacred idol.

The irony is that as these whiny victims complain about how oppressed they are by radio songs and Facebook, there are guys out there actually building things and repairing things for society. How ironic that Tumblr was created by a cis-het white male who was a computer nerd, only to be corrupted by feminist losers who want to spend their lives chanting about how weak they are.


Feminism on tumblr is so gross

It is like every annoying feminist I’ve met in real life times fifty.

I’m not a feminist, but I respect the feminists I’ve met off tumblr because they’re rational and take responsibility for themselves. But tumblr feminism seems to be a never ending stream of “move the fuck over bro! patriarchy! intersectionality! fascist beauty standards!” 

You guys are extremely first world-centric, especially America-centric. Most of you are white and have the flexibility to get a university education and major in liberal arts majors. Quit your whining.

Basically they’re a bunch of drama queens looking for attention in the easiest way possible: playing the damsel in distress. They actually make a mockery of the idea of “an empowered woman”.


if women aren’t supposed to have body hair why does it grow

if women aren’t supposed to be big and muscled (if they so choose) why do we have muscles at all

just stop saying what women can and can’t do i aint got time for your bullshit

Men shave everyday too. Often for women who like a smooth shaven face. So do you like that in men? These things are just fashion. It also isn’t natural to brush our teeth or comb our hair, so should we stop doing that, too? We do it to refine our appearances. 

Feminists are jealous of other women who receive more male attention than them

That’s really what I believe now.

I hear so many feminists say in one breath, “It’s your body, do what you want with it”. And then they basically shame women and men (“objectification”) for women receiving lots of male attention.

Jealous. I think they are. The ones who scream “objectification” the loudest for other women are just jealous of other women.

They’re the ones who try to shut down other women for being seen as beautiful, but then they turn around and demand to be told that “fat is beautiful” or something else like that.


i dont understand when female feminists devalue and dismiss male feminists. telling literally 50% of the worlds population that they have 0 say in a movement concerning 100% of the worlds population just seems ridiculous to me. gender based discrimination is what we’re trying to avoid, right?

Excuse me, I am debating it right now. You don’t get to tell me my opinion. You have your opinion. I have mine. Are we clear on that? You’re nobody’s Feminist Police here.

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